My A to Z of Under-Appreciated Animals

These are animals that, for some reason, never seem to make it into Animal A to Zs that are published for the sake of educating children....and I don't know why. These animals are no less animals than elephants, tigers, crocodiles etc.
The animals are:
Aardwolf, Beluga, Capercaillie, Dusky Dolphin, Echidna, Frigate, Gerenuk, Hermit Hummingbird, Ichneumon, Jerboa, Kudu, Leatherback, Mandrill, Numbat, Okapi, Pangolin, Quokka, Red Panda, SunBear, Tapir, UmbrellaBird, Vervet Monkey, Whale Shark, Xenops, Yapok, Zebu

This is a spiral bound notebook of handmade paper made by 'khadi papers'
13.5 x 15 cm
painted with gouache


  1. holy fuck your to good . i'll be looking at these for a long time. how do you have so much appeal. crazy

  2. I can´t found words for this...
    I´ll try with AMAZING!

  3. haha, cheers Paddy. This was fun to do, I'm glad it seems to be fun for other people to look at.

    Thanks a million, Max. I haven't spoken to you in a while. I hope work is going well for you.
    Thanks :)

  4. Nice work Irish man!

  5. yay! the red panda :) he's my favourite animal ever. i even adopted onem they are so cute and clever.
    nice blog!