It's strange how something as nebulous and abstract as an accent can be so easily corralled. It was late-twentieth century British Foreign Policy and tightly enforced border checkpoints that meant ,had I been born a mere 15km further north, I could have had an accent that would make me pronounce the word bear like "burrr" .....which I lament.
It's not all bad, though. I do at least know how to say book and scone properly.
So, here's some wee burrrs I drew over the past days and weeks, and a couple of quick sketches of tigers coloured in Photoshop. Tigers are freakin' hard.


  1. Those burrrs are adorable, but that leaves me with a question: do you pronounce the animal, the drink and synonym for naked all the same? Had I been born 50 miles north, I would have had an accent like Diamond Joe Quimby.

    The tigers, while difficult, look great too. I love the butt on the bottom one. You nailed the haunches and the shoulders. One of these days, I really need to play around more in photoshop.

  2. You are greate!!! Wonderful!!!


  3. Thank you both :)

    Paper, I say the animal and the synonym for nakedness the same but beer as "beer"....if you can imagine such a thing. Actually, while we're imagining things, I suppose I must sound a bit like Gabriel Byrne doing and impression of Liam Neeson.

  4. "Beer" makes perfect sense. I say it the same way. I also differentiate between "pin" and "pen".