Imminent publishmentness

I haven't been uploading much because I've been really busy.
Apart from moving back to Ireland, I've been doing some illustration for a few different books. One of those is "The Lion and The Mouse" - an Aesop fable retold by Anthony Robinson. It's published by Harper Collins as part of their Collins Big Cat series. The text is very simple and is aimed, I think, at ages 4 and 5.
Here's the HC page on it:
The Lion and The Mouse
and here's some sneaky-peeks:

I'd like to upload rough sketches and all that but I'll wait until it's released and, if there any slightly interesting roughs, I'll upload some.

Oh, look:
An Amazon link


  1. Congratulations!
    I've watched your work for some years now (at DA and now here) it is truly an accomplishment to be published with all that hard work you've gone through!

  2. Awesomeness...I wanna see more!

  3. Oh this is soooo good!! :D

  4. Thanks very much!

    Morgan, I'll post up more when it comes out :)

  5. Awesome mane! Thanks for posting!

  6. Thank you!
    I love the description on your blog :D