Broken pigeons in smashed helmets

I got a lot of new visitors and followers after some of my pictures were featured on my favourite tumblr page BooksPaperScissors
This might not be the kind of thing you were all expecting to see.
I like pigeons, by the way. This isn't anti-pigeon propaganda.

A couple of modificated ones:
Here's another time-lapse video of them being painted:


  1. Lovely stuff Dufflecoat!

  2. these are great. are they for sells? i want to buy one please.

  3. Thanks, Rhubarb.
    Not for sells, really. I've fidgeted with them in photoshop a little bit so these aren't exactly what the actual paintings look like. You can have one if you want, though.

  4. very great !
    i like so much this drawings....
    Good composition
    good colours

    really really brilliant !