Trying out some new shenanigans. I was working on a story I had half-written before, starting messing about with different fishes and marine animals, then saw that amazing Riusuke Fukahori video that everybody's seen by now.
Then painted these. Still trying to get to grips with this paint. Enjoying it a lot but still a long way to go yet.
I'll start with my favourite one first:


  1. These are so beautiful! Love them. Makes me want to get out the real paint instead of this digital stuff I use all the time.

  2. WOW! I've fell in love with your illustrations! Love the colors palette!By the way I saw the Riusuke Fukahori's exposition in London and it was extraordinary

  3. In general, I hate fish. They are ugly and digsusting most of the time. I don't mind that they exist – far from it – but I don't necessarily want them near me.

    I want these near me though. And the blowfish one with a city on its back. Why? Because of brilliant.

  4. Thanks!

    @Simini: There's nothing wrong with digital :D But these were definitely more fun.

    @Alice: Thanks very much! I'd love to see the Riusuke paintings. Seeing them on a computer screen diminishes what must be an amazing effect.

    @Fasthy: I'll deal with you later. ..but yeah, fish aren't very cuddly.