Louise is pitching a tv series at Cartoon Forum this year, so I made a thing for her. Her programme is called Ellie the Ace (row 4) and I also worked on a trailer she made for the pitch that I think you'll be able to see soon enough.

With all the waiting for glue and oil to cure, it actually took a few weeks because I had to keep its manufacture secret for the whole time. Here's some progress photos:

I had some rosewood from a bit of guitar-based shenanigans

but they were kind of warped and misshapen, so I boiled them, pressed them flat and then cut them into four rectangles. It was during the boiling that I found out why it's called rosewood. The smell was amazing.

After glueing the rectangles together, I cut a circle out of it.

Then I routed out a circle from a piece of, I think, mahogany..

..and glued in the rosewood disc. I routed the circle too shallow so that the rosewood could be chiselled and sanded down to the right level leaving a perfectly uniform surface.


 Prop time. I drew a dickie bow on a couple of glued-together bits of maple

Then I cut it into a propeller shape (It was hard enough. I didn't need the extra challenge of taking progress photos) and sanded and sanded and sanded. 

At one point, I made a wee nose cone out of leftover rosewood laminations, but the size was wrong. It looked a bit ridiculous and then, when I started cutting the holes in it, it exploded. Better off without it anyway, but it looks pretty cute here.

Then I glued the prop to the disc and gave it a couple of coats of tung oil.
The end.